The Marketing Department for Tech Leaders

Marketing CoPilot Inc. builds digital sales engines that help companies find customers and keep customers. Our proven methodology improves demand generation, resulting in qualified leads for your sales team. Companies that implement our program have reduced their cost of lead acquisition, improved the quality of their leads, and increased revenue.
We’ll build you a high-performing marketing sales funnel that delivers sales qualified leads to your sales team.​

We have worked with over 200 companies in the B2B technology and manufacturing sector to turn digital lead generation around. Our proven methodology to map your buyers’ journey to make an educated buying decision, has helped countless sales and marketing teams win. In today’s cluttered and confusing online environment, we can de-clutter your content strategy and get you on track to better sales results. Your website and web presence should be helping, not hurting your lead generation efforts.

Marie Wiese

The Strategist

Marie Wiese is a marketing strategist and founder of Marketing CoPilot, a strategic marketing agency that has helped hundreds of companies turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines. Marie has worked in the technology sector for 30 years and focuses today on marketing automation and the digital transformation of the sales and marketing functions. Marie is the author of award-winning business book, You Can’t Be Everywhere, host of the podcast Women Talk Tech and co-host of the recently launched podcast, The Common Sense Professional.

Rachael Goodman

The Aviatrice

Rachael Goodman is the Director of Client Success here at Marketing CoPilot. She has 15+ years of experience leading and managing clients, building strategic plans and overall helping companies achieve great sales through aligning sales and marketing. As the first touch point for the day to day, Rachael is a wizard problem solver and always does it with a smile. With experience in multiple industries such as Automotive, E-Commerce, Financial, Education, Technology, Food & Beverage and so much more, her focus recently has been with Managed Service Providers that span across the globe.

Montana Jones

Ground Control

Montana Jones is the Digital Marketing Manager for Marketing CoPilot and Co-Producer for podcasts Women Talk Tech and The Common Sense Professional. Former Canadian representative for global touring cast Up With People, Montana has experienced different cultures and markets on the global stage. Expanding her career into various industries such as customer service, real estate, hospitality, non-for-profit, and global education, she never shies away from a challenge! Passionate about people and technology,  Montana has a driven attitude to learn new processes and build her repertoire of skills along the way.

Susanna Tarrant

The Demand Generator

Susanna Tarrant is the Director of Operations and Demand Generation. She is passionate about getting women in tech and nerds out over marketing and sales alignment strategies. Susanna, or Suzy, is a ruthless project manager and HubSpot super-user with  5+ years of experience in digital marketing and demand generation specifically in the tech sector.

Dan Volchok

The In-Flight Programmer

Freshly minted into the industry, Dan Volchok (a Business Marketing-turned-Computer Programming student), is the Technical Lead for Marketing CoPilot. From keeping up to date with current marketing trends and tools to churning out pillar pages, this role requires heavy pivoting. Luckily, Dan has the ankles for it. And the socks. At least one for each shoe. And if they fit – wear ’em, they say. And he does. He’s also the Audio Editor and Theme Composer for podcasts Women Talk Tech and The Common Sense Professional.

Maddie Yule

The Communications Tower

Maddie Yule is the Social Media Manager at Marketing CoPilot and is the co-producer of the podcasts Women Talk Tech and The Common Sense Professional. Maddie is a recent graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, earning a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Global Development Studies. While at school she developed a passion for discourse studies and understanding the power of marketing and media coverage of marginalized communities on a global scale. A hopeful life-long learner, Maddie will be continuing her education this year, earning a graduate certificate in Publishing from Centennial College. As a visual artist, Maddie is also a very strong believer in the value of strong visual representations and creativity in business and marketing.

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