Introductory Digital Marketing Packages

Two easy ways you can get to know us and our evidence-based approach.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?


  • What keywords are people using to get to websites like mine?
  • How does my web traffic compare to other websites in my industry?
  • Why isn’t my website converting traffic into leads?
  • Are people even reading the content on my landing pages?


Marketing CoPilot can get you answers to these questions.


The field of evidence-driven marketing is evolving. Although Google Analytics is still a must-have tool for any company, it’s only one way to get data you need to make better marketing decisions.

After months of testing and verifying new tools with a number of current clients, we’ve developed two proprietary analysis methodologies that use both traditional and advanced approaches to collect data on the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

These packages will give you insights that you’ll need to make good digital marketing decisions driven by evidence, not opinion. And if you need help with strategy development or execution, we do that too.

Digital Competitive Analysis

Deconstruct how people find companies in your industry online in order to focus on what matters for your business.

Keyword Landscape Analysis

  • Top keywords that people use to get to your website and three additional websites of your choice.


Website Traffic Comparison

  • A breakdown of where your website’s traffic comes from (organic search, referrals, emails, PPC).
  • Get data on how those three additional websites’ traffic compares to yours, and where their traffic comes from.


Traffic Improvement Recommendations

  • Based on our findings, we’ll give you evidence-based recommendations on how to drive more traffic to your website.

Why get this package?

When was the last time you were able to get information on how people were getting to other websites in your industry? This is an unprecedented opportunity to inform your digital decision-making and craft a strategy based on data, not opinion.


What would a Digital Competitive Analysis look like?

If you contact us, we’ll be able to provide you with a sample report and some more information on what you can expect from a report like this.


What’s the cost?

The entire Digital Competitive Analysis package only costs $500, which makes it one of the best value-for-dollar investments you can make with any marketing agency on the planet.


Once I have this report, will I still need to develop a digital marketing strategy?

Yes. The Digital Competitive Analysis is meant to provide you with thought-provoking data that will ground your digital strategy in evidence and fact. Although this report can be a powerful catalyst, it is not a replacement for a full strategic development process.

Website Performance Audit

Get detailed information on how visitors interact with your website to learn what works and what doesn’t… and why.

Website Interaction Report

  • Choose 5 pages on your website for us to examine. We’ll show you, in detail, how far people scroll down each page, and where they click most often.
  • We’ll then comb through your Google Analytics data and combine it with the page interaction data to identify bottlenecks on your site.


Design Recommendations

  • Based on our findings, we’ll provide information on how key pages on your site are performing.
  • We’ll also identify potential bottlenecks that are stopping people from converting on your site.
  • Finally, we’ll provide two webpage sketches detailing possible improvements.

Why get this package?

Purchasing this package is like taking your website to the mechanic’s for a tune-up. Chances are that your marketing team is only using Google Analytics, which doesn’t actually provide any insight into how visitors are interacting with crucial pages on your website.


What would a Website Performance Audit look like?

If you contact us, we’ll be able to provide you with a sample report and some more information on what you can expect from a report like this.


What’s the cost?

The entire Website Performance Audit package only costs $500, which is what most agencies would charge you for even one wireframe of a webpage.


What can I do with these sketches and recommendations?

If you have an in-house web developer or a web shop taking care of your website, what we provide you with should be pretty clear to them as to what changes need to be made on your site. If you’re looking at getting your website completely redeveloped, this report would be a great first step in the process.

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