This is a marketing podcast dedicated to sharing practical, real-life advice from business owners.

On The Common Sense Marketer, we speak with business owners about the day-to-day challenges they face when growing their business, and how they overcome those challenges. Each episode contains information like;

  • Strategies for tackling social media and “social selling”
  • Where successful business owners turn to for thought leadership and new ideas
  • How to reliably improve lead generation through digital marketing
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Past Episodes

Episode 8: Getting back to basics

Advice for business owners considering their exit stratgey. Available on iTunes. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Aaron Zeper. Aaron joined Signature Technology Group in 2011 as an outsider to a 30-year old family run business to help them get ready for a...
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Episode 7: To build or not to build

The crucial website question. Available on iTunes. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Andy McIlwain, who is a WordPress expert, content marketer, web developer and works remotely for Go Daddy. Andy’s main focus and passion is helping small businesses get online...
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Episode 6: The Psychology of Website Interaction

Creating the right user experience Available on iTunes. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Tedde Van Gelderen, President of Akendi, a user experience design company who help people make their products and services better for the user. Have you ever...
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