Hey ChannelCon- What’s your meatloaf?

Buyer behaviour has forever changed. The internet gives us too much choice and buyers all the power. You can wake up one morning wanting to have meatloaf for dinner and the next thing you know you’ve purchased a 1978 VW van, all because searching for meatloaf recipes reminded you of the summer you spent camping and listening to Bat out of Hell.

So what is your best customer’s meatloaf? What do they go online to research, educate or search for in the journey to buy your product or service?

The road between doing a simple Google search to answer a compelling question and buying from you is an interesting one. You need to be prepared. You need to arm your business with a process that will help you understand your customer’s buying journey.

If you are struggling with how to build a compelling content strategy that will drive the rights leads to your business during the search for their meatloaf, click here to download the Essential Guide to Content Marketing and Inbound Lead Generation.

What meatloaf and Meatloaf can teach you about Digital Marketing…