Digital Marketing Strategy

Who you sell to and how they buy is more important than what you sell.

Every successful digital marketing program starts with a good strategy.

Before you start building a website, you need to know who is going to visit the website, what information they’re looking for, and what would make them want to start a conversation with you.

1. Define your value proposition

Discover the primary reason why customers buy from you, which determines what your messaging will be.

2. Understand your customer’s worldview

Gain a deep understanding of what your buyer needs to know, feel and understand about your product or service before they pick up the phone and call you.

3. Develop a keyword strategy

A keyword strategy directs your content development, content marketing plan, website navigation, and SEO efforts so that they all align with your website goals.

4. Define conversion opportunities

In order to turn web traffic into leads, you need to identify the steps your buyer takes in their online journey and how youcan help them move towards a purchase.

How we can help you with your digital marketing strategy:

Value Proposition Workshops

A Value Proposition is a precise articulation of why someone should buy something from you versus a competitor or alternative. It is not a description of what you do, nor is it a tagline or positioning statement.

A Value Proposition is not determined: it is discovered based on the needs of your customer. For many companies, this is difficult to do without an external perspective and a well-defined process.

Buyer Persona Creation

A Buyer Persona helps you understand what a buyer needs to know, feel and understand about your product or service before they pick up the phone and call you.

A Buyer Map helps you understand the content that needs to be part of your web strategy in order to generate leads.

Keyword Strategy Development

Keywords are not just for the technical aspect of your website or Google AdWords. They are the way people think while they are in the buying process.

A Keyword Strategy helps you identify how to connect with people who need your products or services.

Conversion Strategy Development

Build an interactive wireframe that maps out all of the elements of your website with the right connectors to everything you want in your digital dialogue from social media to email marketing and beyond.

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