The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Generate Leads on Your B2B Website

Have you got your pen poised and ready? Here it is. Three simple things:

  1. Identify and communicate with complete clarity, the single most important business problem you solve and clearly state it on your website home page.
  2. Good content that describes how you solve the business problem, with downloads that actually help a potential customer overcome obstacles in the buying process (not selling process).
  3. A clear understanding and a way to test the words that people use to search for a solution to the problem you solve (otherwise known as a Keyword Strategy) in order to drive qualified traffic to your website.

We’ve talked about this subject a lot in workshops we have been running with business owners across Ontario. Here are the facts we can no longer ignore and many B2B CEOs agree:

  1. Potential customers want to self-serve and self-educate before they speak with a sales rep and they are using your website to do this.
  2. Potential buyers are 70% of the way through the buying process before you ever hear from them.
  3. Most companies have no idea what search string potential customers use to do their research, so important traffic is missed at the beginning of the buying process.

Are we stating the obvious? Maybe, but here is where the rubber hits the road. Ask yourself…

  • How many leads did I generate from my website last month?QuestionDoodle
  • Is it enough to hit my sales quota for the year?
  • Do I know how people arrive at my website?


If you don’t have a positive answer to any or all of these questions, then you have not executed the elements. You may think you have, but your numbers and your search results would be telling you otherwise.
The formula is simple but often times people find it tough to execute. We spend time describing what we do and not enough time explaining how we help customers. We need to provide clarity from the prospective of the customers business problem, not from the perspective of our products or services.
On October 19th, we are running a Keyword Strategy Workshop for business owners and marketers who are struggling with number three.

DOWNLOAD a sneak preview of what we will be covering in the workshop.

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