The Most Important New Year's Resolution for Your Business

I know New Year’s resolutions are tired. They usually get broken by the end of January.
But I think it is a very worthwhile exercise to commit to a singular objective that you want to consistently solve, month over month in your business until you see the results of your efforts in December 2013.
If you agree, then I want to offer the perfect business resolution for 2013:

Commit to a defined and well executed Content Marketing Plan for your business!

You will not regret this decision and you will see outstanding business results by the time 2013 closes. You know why we can say this? We made this resolution in 2012 and it has paid off in spades for the Marketing CoPilot business.  Here are some of the business benefits we realized by committing to a well organized and executed content marketing plan:

  1. We grew our mailing list by 30% this year as a result of our content and downloads.
  2. We sped up the sales process by having content available on our website that our prospects were asking in the buying process.
  3. We identified templates for our clients for various stages of our process that we generic-ized and made available to our community to test if the process worked, helping us with our own business processes.
  4. We won new business and got invited to events because our content resonated with the market place.

Shouldn’t these outcomes be part of your business plan?

Before you say, “but it’s too much work!” or, “I don’t know where to start.” We have developed this handy Infographic to help you get the ball rolling. (Click on image below to download your “2013 Content Marketing Strategy Infographic” and share it with your team and company.)

Click to download this Content Marketing Infographic Resolution

No excuses! Make a formal content marketing plan part of your business goals for 2013. It is the singular, most important investment you can make in your business this year to help you find customers and keep customers.
And if you need help seeing if your business is ready for a content marketing plan, take the Web Presence Test we added to our website in December.

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