Why do we use WordPress?

SearchResults1After performing a search on Google about what people are saying about WordPress, I was dazzled.

Results where, 42,000 results when searching for
Why should I use WordPress. It gets better when switching the “I” by “YOU”, 1,090,000 results.
vs 3 results when searching for
Why shouldn’t I use WordPress?.

Interesting, right?

So what else can we say, that hasn’t been said in those search results? Here is the Marketing CoPilot summation:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • User friendly interface to publish and manage content
  • A powerful secured content management platform
  • Free license and open source technology that is easy to customize
  • Provides regular updates and version releases
  • Counts over 20,000+ plug-in and widgets to power your web presence
  • Worldwide support: there are over thousands of developers and companies developing plug-ins and add-ons to help
  • It has multilingual capability with over 40 supported languages
  • 48% of top ranked sites are using the WordPress platform
  • 72 Millions website are using WordPress as their content management platform
  • Should we go on?

Marketing CoPilot is a WordPress shop and here’s why…

We are not just marketers. We are also business owners and we are always chasing the clock to do the work and doing our own online marketing to bring new leads into the sales funnel. So we use the WordPress Content Management System because it is the only CMS framework that allows us to build, implement and maintain our marketing process properly. WordPress provides us with the best platform to support our clients in finding and keeping customers more successfully than any other platforms or web development technique. Here’s why:

  1. You can drive more qualified traffic, therefore more qualified leads Wordpress makes it easy for us to implement keyword strategies on the overall websites we maintain or on a per page basis. The blogging power of WordPress drives more qualified traffic because a client’s web presence gets updated more frequently. This provides more unique fresh content for Google and other search engines to crawl, and qualifies you for more search results on more keyword terms as you can optimize each page individually based on your keyword strategy.
  2. You can map the buying process to your website and make it easy to update and customize Wordpress is free and open (GNU General Public License) that makes it possible to build or customize a theme that maps your ideal buying process online. As the marketing strategy evolves, we can easily modify the content and create targeted landing pages and test new marketing strategies. All published content remains portable from one theme to another, thanks to the well-developed framework. Making it easy to change the looks of the site while keeping content integrity. This allows us to focus on developing marketing strategy to engage more visitors and get qualified leads.
  3. You can integrate your web presence, engage and interact with your online audience Wordpress counts over 20,000+ free plug-ins and add-on that allows to simply connect social media and lead nurturing tools with the website. So we can publish to your web presence with little efforts. WordPress also makes it easy for you to invite your visitors to leave their comments about your content, therefore favoring interactions with your visitors. Studies show that people trust Blogs more than static websites alone. People leave comments, tend to share blog posts more, especially if you make it easy for them with social sharing. This interaction is essential and very good for backlink building which will make your site rank better on the long run. The more comments you get on your site, the more people feel conformable and trusts your business and so does Google.
  4. You can improve your organic page rank, develop optimized fresh content marketing and ping the search engines Content Management Systems like WordPress ping the search engines every time you post new content, inviting them to come back and crawl your site. To help your business develop more and more content, WordPress provides multilevel user access to tailor content marketing development work flow and a publishing schedule that fits your marketing tactics.
  5. You can achieve measurable business goals With the appropriate add-on to WordPress we can track our marketing actions and measure their success. Once the initial business goals are defined, we can rapidly adjust content, keywords or landing pages according to visitors online behavior and evolving business objectives.
  6. You can dip your toe into the online marketing world cost effectively – A few years ago we used proprietary CMS tools or had websites built by web shops using their own systems. It meant that every time we wanted to change navigation, add content or new sections to the website, we had to go back to the developers and rebuild. With WordPress, we can make changes on the fly and depending on the complexity of the changes, we can do it right on the production server without setting up a new development environment. For our clients that want to start out slow and grow and evolve their online investment, using a customized WordPress theme is an incredibly affordable solution.

Closing Thoughts: WordPress has allowed us to basically speed up the implementation of our process, so our customers can generate online leads as soon as possible.

Are you stuck with a web site that isn’t working for your business? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
Download our Executive Guide to get you started with a successful lead generation foundation and start using WordPress as your framework to implement your online strategy.

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