Your Digital Footprint: 5 New Backlink Issues You Should Consider

Many CEOs today understand the importance of their digital footprint and the impact that it has on lead generation, lead nurturing and brand building for their business. Getting found online has become the most important part of the sales and marketing tool kit. Yet the complexity of search and search engine optimization has many CEOs scratching their head.

What’s a backlink and why does it matter to me and my business?

We hear the jargon and SEO experts touting the importance of backlinks and making sure people are linking to your website to prove its popularity, but a dramatic shift has happened in the search engine world over the last 12 months and it has an impact on every business big and small.

Here’s what you need to be concerned about with respect to backlinks and your digital footprint.

Google changed the rules with their recent Panda Updates and the SEO experts who were working so hard to help you get your website ranked may just be doing the opposite if they have not paid attention. While it may go against the very nature of what you have been lead to believe, here are five issues you should be aware of when it comes to backlinks:

1. Don’t TRY to build backlinks.

The Panda Updates from Google indicate that if you try to “game” Google, you will lose. Google is now encouraging people to think about quality content and social metrics. Connect with your customers in a real way online. They will share your content, post comments and natural backlinking occurs. If you TRY to post comments all over the internet or link to poor quality sites for the purpose of volume building backlinks, Google will find you out.

2. Stay away from backlinks that are too good to be true.

Many CEOs we speak to share the stories about the calls they get from “SEO experts” offering to get them on Page One in 30 days. Forget unlimited link building schemes, link farms and so-called private blog networks.Too many people are using these services for it to be deemed exclusive. If you can buy a flat-rate subscription and blast links, then you know such links are easily attainable by anyone with a wallet and ultimately will end up doing your ranking more harm than good.

3. Backlinks on domains you don’t control are often taken down.

If you’re always adding backlinks within forums or blogs on websites you don’t have control over, you can expect that a great number of these links will drop off all the time. This puts you in the unenviable position of always having to get more backlinks. Not only does it become a time-consuming task, but it creates negative link velocity on your site triggering an “unnatural links warning” from Google.

4. Beware of the Guest Blog post.

It may seem contradictory to make this statement as Marketing CoPilot often invites guest bloggers to share relevant content, but blogs that accept numerous guest posts on a wide range of subjects are basically link farms. Your links could look like what Google calls “paidlinks”. You do not have to avoid blog posting on other’s blogs altogether, but keep it on-topic and post on websites that can actually send traffic back to your site. If you think of guest posting as just another way to get links, you’ll end up getting penalized in the future.

5. Authoritative, aged, high press release backlinks are still king.

Backlinks from press releases have always ruled the kingdom because they continue to be viewed as trustworthy. They’re tough to get but contribute significantly to your rankings. If you can get a backlink from a website that is more progressive than you in terms of traffic, PR, and status, it will impart some of that muscle to you. These types of links are generally rewarded for your website doing something newsworthy or being extra dominant. It should be an ultimate goal to try to get such backlinks.
As we all struggle to stay on top of building a credible digital footprint for ourselves and our businesses, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. But at the end of the day, if you think about your customers and the industry you serve and stay true to content and online tactics that support your message in a real and trusted way, quality backlinks will follow you.

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