Content Marketing Workshops

Content Marketing Workshops

public content marketing workshops

The 2015 Content Marketing Workshops Series is complete. Stay tuned Summer 2015 for next year’s line up.

For a flavour of the type of public workshops we run, please see the 2015 winter series below.

How to make social media a useful business tool

Today’s business leaders are struggling to understand how to harness the power of digital marketing tools such as social media to improve their business results.

Join us for a robust and interactive discussion with Marie Wiese, founder of Marketing Copilot as we cover:

  • Whether social media is a useful business tool or a waste of time
  • Why most companies can’t harness the power of social media
  • A case study of how one engineering firm used LinkedIn to send lead generation results through the roof

As a special bonus, guest speaker, Ashley Mayhew, Social Media Coordinator at TD Canada Trust will spend 45 minutes of this workshop discussing what makes a great LinkedIn profile and how to provide direction to employees to maximize their LinkedIn profiles for success.

Workshop completed.

How to use Google Analytics to redesign your website


“We hate our home page… let’s redesign it!”

How often have you heard senior management make this statement? Everyone has an opinion about their website, but the bottom line is that it’s either performing or it’s not. Many times the problem is far bigger than red versus blue or how you choose stock photos. The problem with an under-performing website is its inability to:

  • Clearly start the sales conversation
  • Provide a clear path to conversion
  • Lead visitors through content that matters to them

In this workshop we will provide direction on important metrics you need to consider before you agree to change anything on your website and share a case study of how one company carefully mined data to make changes that sent lead generation and lead nurturing results soaring.

Workshop completed.


The Content Marketing Bootcamp


What is your content marketing plan for 2015? If you need help developing your roadmap, this workshop provides the direction you are seeking.

Your Content Marketing Plan is more important than ever. You need to engage prospects at the top of the sales funnel by creating digital content that converts.

In this workshop we will:

  • Cover the elements of what makes a good content marketing plan and the internal support you need to succeed
  • Help you identify audience requirements
  • Show you how to construct an editorial calendar to execute your plan
  • Provide clever ideas to determine where to put your content so your audience can find and consume it

Workshop completed.