The 5 things that make a digital marketing rock star

digital-marketing-expertHere are the 5 things that a great digital marketer must know:

  1. The thought process a customer goes through to buy something.
  2. Where a customer goes to educate themselves on a business problem.
  3. What makes good customer-centric content.
  4. How to tell a compelling story to get someone to trust you.
  5. How to interpret data in order to understand what to do next.

Notice what is not on the list?

  • Building a website
  • Adwords
  • SEO
  • Social media “expert”
  • Email marketing

Buyer behavior has forever changed.

Your website and your digital dialogue is the new top of the sales funnel. If you want to improve your business results, you need a digital marketing team that understands this.
Yes people need to know how to execute something online and measure it, but saying you are a “digital marketer” because you understand WordPress or how do campaigns in Twitter, does not make you a good digital marketer.
There is great content and experts out there who can tell you how to do anything you could possibly want to do online. We have listed a bunch of them in our posts over the years.

What makes a great digital marketer has nothing to do with the digital part of the equation and everything to do with the CUSTOMER.

It always has been and always will be what makes a great marketer, the ability to understand what a customer needs to know, do and feel in order to put your product or service on the short list in their search for a solution to their problem.
So why do so many companies and HR departments get this wrong?
Today’s online stats are overwhelming. If a buyer is 70% of the way through the buyer journey before you ever hear from them, then the best digital marketers are the ones that can:

  1. Listen to a customer dialogue and turn that content into a compelling digital dialogue.
  2. Create content on a website and in the digital landscape that can engage someone.
  3. Track content and interest to understand how to attract, retain and delight a customer through digital interactions.

It’s ALL about content!

  • Even if someone is an “Adwords Expert”, you can’t run an Adwords campaign unless you have a compelling headline that drives the right prospect to a call-to-action that engages them.
  • Even if someone is a “social media expert” you can’t Tweet something meaningful unless you understand customer problems and know what the customer is talking about in terms of their issues.
  • Even if someone is an “expert email markete” you can’t run an effective campaign unless you have compelling content people will click through on and actually take an action on your website.

If you truly want qualified leads for your business, then digital marketing is a must for your business. People want to check you out online before they call you (hence the digital part of the equation). So having a digital marketing team for your business is a must in 2014.
But if you think that hiring a digital marketing expert is easy, it is not. Mostly because employers look for the wrong things and ask the wrong questions.
People think that if they have a Twitter account or did some “web stuff” in college they can be a digital marketer. They can’t! They may understand the elements of tactical execution but they need to understand the content and context of a customer in the buying process or else their talents are useless.
The delivery channel may have changed in the last 10 years but the missing link has always been the same: someone who understands the customer and buying process. So before you create your next website, consider these attributes. This is what makes a digital marketing superstar.
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