The Basics of Email Marketing – A Short Refresher Course

Too often we send out email marketing and the reader walks away saying what am I supposed to do with this or they hit delete immediately. When people send out an email campaign, they forget about the basics.

As a B2B company you need to think about 4 things;

  1. Who you are sending to.
  2. Why you are sending it.
  3. What the reader needs to know/hear. (Not what you want to tell them.)
  4. A well defined call to action.

The most misunderstood and lonely part of an email campaign is the Call-to-Action (CTA).

We assume that people are going to passively read our content and do something with it. But there is too much noise and confusion in the online world and we need to be short, simple and direct. Every section of content, whether an email campaign or a page on your website should lead to a CTA and must inspire the reader in a way that connects to your value proposition and each step of the buying process.
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In order to get the reader to the CTA you must first entice them to open and read your email campaign;

  • The headline is what gets them to open the email, how good is your headline?
  • The first two inches of the email gets them to continue on to the body copy.
  • The body copy gets them to the call to action.

DO NOT send an email campaign if any of the following statements are true:

  1. The target audience for this email campaign is vague and you are just hoping something will stick.
  2. Their is no primary action for someone to take after reading your email campaign.
  3. The reason for sending the email is anything BUT having someone click through to your website.

Once you get the reader to open your email, your job has just begun. Email marketing is about creating a series of micro steps that ultimately gets someone to click through to your website AND take action. But you need to make that extra effort and ensure you are compelling in your content or else you invited them for no reason and they are gone in the blink of an eye.
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