Can Keywords Unlock your Business’s Untapped Potential?

Google Adwords has made marketers lazy. It made us believe a huge pool of keywords are just waiting to be purchased to drive qualified buyers to our businesses.

If you are a B2B business owner, this is a huge falsehood and if you think layering on SEO or Adwords to your marketing program is going to tap a huge market for your product or service, you are going to be very disappointed with the results.
Since Marketing CoPilot provides optimized content marketing programs to B2B companies you are likely thinking that I am shooting our selves in the foot, right? But we have done lots of homework over the last 12 months, and of the 30+ websites we have worked on, there are no magical pool of keywords waiting to be unlocked. Leveraging the power of keywords takes a lot of work.

An important fact: 25% of all searches done on Google each month are NEW!

This becomes an even greater problem for B2B companies that are not in an established category or know exactly how potential customers search. Because each month it could be different. You can’t just buy a pool of keywords based on Adword research and grow your business. You have a lot of continual trial and error work ahead of you. But many companies think that layering an Adwords program or keyword strategy onto their website is a simple technical task, performed by the web developer and that’s enough to magically produce leads for their business.

Here’s the problem most B2B companies have:

  1. They don’t understand what their customers are searching at the beginning of the search process. This renders most keyword strategies useless.
  2. They drive traffic to their websites but lack properly designed landing pages or conversion points to determine if the keywords traffic was good or bad.
  3. They start the keyword identification process by listing their products and services, or comparing themselves to competitors. Unfortunately, a potential buyer is too far into the buying process to make this strategy useful for lead generation purposes.

When companies approach us to help with their web presence strategy and execution, they come to us thinking they are going to drive traffic to their website with a pool of keywords, that if properly placed on their website, will garner big lead generation results. This is seldom the case.
For B2B marketers that understand the nature of complex selling, it’ll likely take you months to discover your best keywords and determine what words and what content will drive the right prospects to your website.

So does that mean you should just give up?

On the contrary. If you want to have any chance of getting found by customers and prospects alike, you need to start developing and testing a keyword strategy that will produce good results for your business.

Here is the basic process:

  • Map the process of your buyer to determine what they need to understand before purchasing a product or service like yours. Don’t assume they have already determined they need a product or service. Start with their business problem and design the content around that core issue.
  • Build buyer personas so your buyers can understand what drove them to search for a solution to their business problem. These issues are core to your online strategy.
  • Brainstorm a list of keywords and content around the business issues and buyer persona that will allow your ideal customer to find your website and understand how you are discussing a problem or issue in their industry.

But most importantly…

It is human nature to ignore what is right in front of us in search of something better. Most enterprising CEOs and business owners believe there is an untapped market for their product or service but your current client and prospect list is likely your best and fastest route to understanding content and keywords that will drive the type of traffic you need. If you get the content and keywords on your website right for your current customer base, chances are more people like them will find you. Thinking that a pool of keywords bought or acquired organically magically exist and will drive volume to your website leading to conversion is a fool’s game.
This is a constant effort and for it to work means investing time, money and resources to the continual development of your keyword strategy.

We have released an important guide to help you with this exercise. Please fill out the form below to get your copy of the Keyword Strategy Workbook:

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