What our customers have to say…

The Marketing CoPilot team helped us during an important transition in our marketing program. As a Microsoft Dynamics customer, we were unsure about the right tools, process and program for us to support our digital marketing activities. They helped us sort out the right marketing automation product and build a plan with data and a methodology that pointed our in-house team in the right direction. After working with Marketing CoPilot, we had the right tool and path forward. Even if you are advanced digital marketers, having the right coach and plan makes all the difference in the world.

Brian Neuwirth

CEO, UNEX Manufacturing

Marie and the team at Marketing CoPilot know their stuff. They not only helped us develop our Content Marketing Playbook, but they provide their thought leadership so we can help customers understand how to use and monetize marketing automation tools. With new tools coming online for Dynamics, it’s important to have copilots on deck to figure out the plan, tools and execution.

Rob Triggs

VP Sales and Marketing, CRM Dynamics

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. As a CRM administrator, it’s difficult to align the sales and marketing functions who each have different processes and objectives. Working with Marketing CoPilot, we were able to take a step back and assess where we were at with our marketing automation tool, determine what needed to change in our CRM system and create a plan to move us forward. Marie and the team are great coaches and bring a wealth of marketing best practices to the table.

Lindsey Schuler

CRM Marketing Manager, Hitachi Medical Solutions

Even all star players need a good coach. Our work with Marketing CoPilot has helped us pave the way to a better and more informed inbound marketing program. We can see a time, in the not too distance future, where we are not only optimizing our marketing automation function, but monetizing it.

Dave Wilson

Director Corporate Communications, Hitachi Medical Solutions

Client Projects

    • We conduct an evaluation of the marketing automation/Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. 
    • We work with our client to map buyer personas and the buyer journey to identify content and conversion points that can be applied to a website.
    • We create an action plan for the marketing manager, CRM administrator or sales team to make it work.
    • We can set up a new marketing automation tool or map everything into the existing one.
    • We coach clients through the execution and testing phase.


    • Better quality leads sent to the sales team.
    • Consistent lead generation and lead nurturing programs are implemented with marketing automation.
    • Lead management is successfully brought under control in the organization.