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Episode 11: The Importance of Following a Recipe in Marketing Today

Welcome to the show Chad Gniffke   On this week’s episode of The Common Sense Marketer, we are joined by the CEO of briteCITY, Chad Gniffke. Chad’s primary goal is to provide a friendly way for businesses to receive IT support while reducing the total number of technology problems plagued by information workers today.    While Chad began his work […]

Episode 10: The Importance of Relationship Building in Marketing Today

Welcome to the show Anya Ciercierski    Anya has worked in sales and marketing in the Microsoft dynamics channel since 1999. In 2009 she co-founded ERP Software Blog and CRM Software Blog, now the most prominent group blogs in the space.    Anya uses “the power of the group” as the most important pillar in building a marketing program. She wants to benefit […]

Common Sense Marketer Podcast Episode 19: How to Win with Marketing Automation

On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we talk with Jenna Knoblauch who is the Vice President of Marketing at Dynamic Communities. Dynamic Communities creates technology-centric communities to exchange ideas on how to best maximize industry knowledge through education, enriched networking, and conferences. Jenna leads the team responsible for the strategy and execution of […]

Episode 17: A brave new world for tech startups

On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we spoke to Thomas Leahy who is the Managing Director of Synepta Group, a business acceleration company that invests in healthcare IT companies. In this podcast, Thomas talks about Synepta Group and shares some of the biggest challenges tech startups face heading out into this new modern […]

Common Sense Marketer Podcast Episode 16: Customer Expectations of Delivery

The Common Sense Marketer is back! On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we spoke to Brian Neuwirth, the President of UNEX, an industrial equipment manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing conveyors. Brian’s grandfather founded UNEX in the 1960s, making Brian a third generation CEO of UNEX. In this podcast, Brian talks three important issues […]

Episode 15: The business value of a powerful value proposition

Discovering your Value Proposition Available on iTunes. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Ray Simmons. Ray is the President of Darcor Limted and a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader and technical expert. He discusses the power of content marketing, what it has done for his business and some of the challenges running an “80-year old start up.” Ray […]

Episode 13: Digital Transformation of the B2B Sales Process

In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Rick McCutcheon. Rick is a Dynamics 365 CRM MVP and Social Selling Expert. He is also the President of Full Contact Selling where they help customers digitally transform their sales organizations through tools such as CRM and practices such as Social Selling. Listen in as Marie and Rick discuss how businesses need to transform sales and marketing to meet the buyer’s expectations online today.