IWCC Training in Communications and Marketing CoPilot co-found A Woman’s Voice Matters

AWVM Logo FinalTORONTO, ON  October 23, 2014  Marketing CoPilot Inc., a leader in Canada for digital marketing strategy and execution along with IWCC Training in Communications (IWCC), a training firm that provides classroom training to improve your writing, presenting and meeting skills have joined forces to establish A Woman’s Voice Matters.
A Woman’s Voice Matters (AWVM) is a charitable resource committed to improving the communication skills and ultimately, the leadership role, of women who do not have access to training. A Woman’s Voice Matters believes that every woman deserves an opportunity to improve her communication skills so that she can realize her goals at work, at home and in the community. The goal is to improve the communication skills of women by enabling and inspiring them through no-cost, professional communications skills workshops.
Lisa Duffy, Director of IWCC Training in Communications and Founder of A Woman’s Voice Matters says, “For over 45 years, IWCC has been delivering communication skills training to corporations around the globe. Now we are excited to give back to the community by offering women who would typically not have access to this training the opportunity to learn and develop their communication skills.”
AWVM delivered its first two workshops at The Shoe Project in Toronto, Ontario and the YWCA in Durham, Ontario. The first workshop, A Woman’s Brand Matters at The Shoe Project gave women the opportunity to learn about their individual ‘brand’ and how it’s shaped through communication, behaviour and personal presentation. The second workshop, Communicate With Impact at the YWCA gave women the opportunity to use communication tools, such as questioning and listening, more effectively.
“This project has been a great journey for the team at Marketing CoPilot. We are firmly committed to the concepts and ideas that A Woman’s Voice Matters is built upon and it has been a delight to work with Lisa Duffy and the IWCC team to make an idea a reality”, says Marie Wiese, President and Co-Founder of Marketing CoPilot.
Marketing CoPilot has been working with A Woman’s Voice Matters to strategize, build and launch a digital marketing strategy including a new website and content marketing plan.
AWVM is looking for public and non-profit organizations in the Toronto, Ontario or Austin, Texas areas that are interested in hosting one of our free workshops. If you are interested in registering your organization or know an organization that might be interested, please visit:
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