3 Steps to Content Marketing Success

We’ve all heard the expression “practice makes perfect.” And if you come from the Malcolm Gladwell school of thought, so does 10,000 hours of practice. The Beatles weren’t the best musicians in the world but after consistently executing their craft night after night, they certainly built a following.

Achieving success in anything requires dedication and consistent execution.

No one says that achieving success is easy, but it is worth it. It takes a few key things to achieve success in your content marketing strategy. Here are three important steps you should consider.

1. A well-defined, achievable and quantifiable goal.

Sit down and really work out achievable goals. Set benchmarks for yourself along the way – small milestone goals that are completely achievable.
When targeting success in your content marketing strategy, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve.

  • Do you want more visitors to your site?
  • Do you want visitors to explore more pages?
  • Do you want visitors to take an action?

Then you need to assess what is achievable. If you currently have 5 people taking an action on your site a month, it is not realistic to expect 500 once you start gearing up your content marketing. Set achievable goals for your content marketing and make sure that everyone knows what the goals are and are working towards them.

2. Determination and commitment.

There are going to be times when you go off track… momentarily. Remind yourself of your goals and why you are doing it.  Any chink in the armor means that your goals might not be achieved. So, with strength, determination and commitment, drive forward knowing that your goals are worth reaching.
When executing your content marketing strategy, your team needs to be 100% on board. Supported by the executive-level team, your content needs to come from within or it is not true, valuable content – just fluff that your target market will not engage with.  Your internal team needs to commit to the strategy and execution throughout the course of the year. There are always a million reasons to focus on something else, but if your team is 100% committed, they will understand the value  of the end-game and make content marketing a priority. This means working to determine:

  • the right topics,
  • the right content writers,
  • the right person (internally or externally) who will edit and optimize the content, and
  • the right person who performs the post-analysis and makes recommendations for future success.

3. Consistent execution – don’t give up after the first few posts.

Hitting your mark requires an immersive, change of lifestyle experience.
Consistently developing and deploying great content for your target visitors means more engagement and more revenue. The more often you produce engaging content, the more value you hold in the eyes of your target prospects. They will start to see you as the voice of the industry and will rely on you. When they are ready to make a purchase because your business will be top-of-mind.

Dedication & consistency will help your business achieve your content marketing goals.

By following these simple steps, you will realize the true value of your content marketing strategy and become a Content Marketing Rock Star!
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