7 Reasons You Need a Killer Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

So you’re business is buzzing along.

You have a great website; it’s been optimized with targeted keywords; your value proposition has been clearly articulated, not to mention you have those adorable social sharing buttons strategically positioned in your header.
But if your online strategy ends there, you’re pretty much doomed.  Well, perhaps you’re not doomed, but you are certainly missing out on a crucial opportunity to grow your business and scale.

And that opportunity has everything to do with content marketing.

Content marketing is an overarching term relating to all marketing formats that rely on the development and sharing of content to engage existing and prospective customers. Essentially any marketing strategy that is content driven falls under this umbrella.
If you are a business owner, or a C-level executive, you need to wrap your head around this emerging trend.  Here are seven reasons why.

1. It’s Cost Effective

Traditional advertising can cost a fortune.  Even advertising on the Internet can be costly.
But content marketing is much, much more affordable.  In fact, according to Hubspot, Inbound Marketing (which is entirely content-driven) is 62% less expensive than Outbound Marketing (of the more conventional variety).
Every corporate budget can accommodate a content marketing strategy.

2. It’s Engaging

Content, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that support and promote content, provide opportunity to engage stakeholders meaningfully.  You can ask questions of your readers, solicit their feedback, host polls and contests and network with industry thought leaders.
Engaging your stakeholders and prospective customers makes them feel invested.  Content offers an authentic way to build relationships.

3. It’s Dynamic

Traditionally, online content has been static.  Well-written websites would just sit on the Internet, hoping for visitors.
But everything is changing.  Blogs and social media encourage the creation of dynamic content that is fresh and exciting.  Take advantage of the flexibility that content marketing provides – mix it up, share your opinion, challenge conventional wisdom, post often and be consistent.

4. It’s Accessible

With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, information has become more accessible and shareable than ever.  A fabulous blog post can go viral overnight and attract thousands of visitors (and prospective customers) to your website.

5. It’s Scalable

Content can be easily re-purposed.  A white paper representing industry thought leadership can be used for a webinar series; a press release can announce the availability of those resources; and a blog post can focus on an interview with one of the white paper contributors.
A company can affordably ramp up its content marketing strategy by pushing more content, more regularly and more aggressively.  All of this will drive more traffic and more conversions.

6. It Builds Brand

Content can be easily customized (and tweaked and changed over time) to establish a sense of ‘personality’ and brand in the marketplace.  No matter what kind of business you own or manage, content can help you to define your identity.
You need not rely on a storefront or a snazzy, expensive ad campaign – you can launch a content marketing campaign and transform your brand completely, just with words.

7. Your Competitors are Already Doing it

If you aren’t yet leveraging the benefits of content marketing to your best business advantage, you can bet that your competitors already are.  This is a fast-moving train, and it’s not going to stop, so it is in your interest to take the leap, or you’ll be left behind.
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Ruth Zive,

Ruth Zive is a writer , Mom-to-five (plus pooch), wife, Ashtanga yoga devotee, designer handbag enthusiast, special needs advocate and vegetarian chocoholic (not necessarily in that order).  In her spare time, she writes The Freelance Writing Blog

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