Digital Marketing Ideas to take with you when you Exit 2013

Digital Marketing ideas 2013At the end of the year, business leaders take inventory of the past year and look forward to the possibilities of the next, so in the spirit of this valuable exercise we put together a list of Digital Marketing ideas that worked well in 2013 and are well worth carrying forward into 2014. This list will enhance your keyword and content strategy, help you develop engaging content, increase quality traffic to your site and strengthen your overall online presence.

1. Be customer, NOT product-centric

The product bias is hard to avoid. Writing about your product comes easier to most, however conversion and buyers that will take a next step in the buying process will come from customer-centric content. Let’s face it, people want to read about their problems and how to fix them, not about the features of a product or service.
To create powerful content, we suggest creating buyer personas. Forget about self-promoting products or services, think about the buyer and the business problems you solve for them.

2. Transform employees into content producers

The key to delivering the best content is to source content at the source: the interaction of customers with your company. ¬†Intuitively, your employees know better than anyone else what matters to your customers and prospects. Don’t waste this valuable resource.

3. Harness the power of video

Most B2B video viewers want to learn about or how to use a product or service, conduct pre-purchase research, and/or see product reviews. 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business and 75% of senior level executives watch business-related videos every week. Embed and optimize videos on your website as part of your content strategy, and further demonstrate your level of industry expertise and credibility.
If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a brilliant example of a B2B video that hits the bullseye. Yes, Volvo is a household brand name, but not everyone is familiar with the B2B side of their business.

4. It’s not just about the BIG screen

Did you know that countless studies show that people will abandon a website (on their mobile device) in less than five seconds if the experience is unsatisfactory? Or that more than 59% of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smartphones to gather information when purchasing products or services? Your website not only needs to look good on the small screen, it also needs to load quickly, be easy to navigate and read and function properly. The only way to make sure your site works across all screens, regardless of size, is to test, fix and repeat in quick iterations.

5. Mobile-friendly email

According to a survey conducted by Constant Contact in August of this year:

  • 80% of consumers say it’s “extremely important”¬Ě to be able to read emails on smartphones
  • 75% of consumers are highly likely to delete emails they can’t read on smartphones
  • 49% of consumers say they are likely to click on hyperlinks in mobile emails

When developing email campaigns, take mobile email display into consideration and avoid losing a significant part of your audience. Partition your email lists according to primary viewing device and then simplify and shorten your messaging, so that your mobile emails perform better.

6. Get in sync

Your business moves through various life cycles, so it only stands to reason that your website be in sync with your business movement. If your company is in the start-up stage your website should act as an education tool. Whereas, if it’s in the growth stage your site should be a lead generation tool.

7. Fill the digital marketing gap

If there is a gap in your company’s Digital Marketing expertise, you’re not alone. According to the 2013 Adobe Systems study, Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night, most marketers are not confident in their digital ability.

  • Only 48% of digital marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing.
  • Only 9% of respondents strongly agree with the statement, “I know our digital marketing is working”.

8. Re-target your ads

It is a rare occurrence for web traffic to convert on the first visit, so you work hard to keep putting your brand in front of them and keep them coming back to your site until they do convert. One very powerful way to say, “Hey, remember me? You came to my site and checked out these products. Are you ready to buy yet? No? Ok, well I’ll just follow you around with my mini billboard until you are is through the use of retargeted ads. Once a user leaves your website, the products or services they viewed will follow them along their internet travels. Your ads will be displayed on the sites they visit, creating familiarity with and exposure to your brand and building trust along the way. It’ a simple, yet very effective way to increase your conversions.

Marketing CoPilot Focus for 2014

Our goal for 2014 is to continue to support business owners in their endeavor to align their digital strategy with their business goals and objectives, and polish up their online presence to become a shiny and integral spoke in their business wheel. In the past 12 months we have worked diligently to discuss topics and share tools that will fuel you during your digital journey and we will continue to do so in the upcoming year. In the beginning of the year we’ll be focusing on digital technology and online tool how-to’s, then we’ll begin delving into content and keyword strategy best practices. If there are specific areas you are interested in discussing or learning about, leave a comment or get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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