Two proven ways to get actionable feedback on your digital marketing strategy

In a world where 97% of people begin their buying process on a search engine, the importantance of digital marketing to a business’ success cannot be understated. A website is now any company’s best sales tool, and is capable of generating leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
However, when it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Should you build a new website? Invest in Google Adwords? Start a company blog? Hire a digital marketing manager?
Most digital marketing agencies don’t make it easy to get answers, and want you to sign up for big strategy development packages with little proof that they can actually drive results for your business. In fact, many of our current clients have come to us after less-than-satisfying experiences with other agencies who promised the world, but didn’t deliver.
So, after 10+ years of working with clients across North America, we’ve developed two innovative, low-risk ways for businesses to learn about our evidence-driven marketing approach, get actionable data and feedback, and start meaningful conversations about what digital marketing approaches will drive the best results.

Digital Competitive Analysis

Deconstruct how people find companies in your industry online in order to focus on what matters for your business.

  • Top keywords that people use to get to your website and three additional websites of your choice.
  • View a breakdown of where your website’s traffic comes from (organic search, referrals, pay-per-click) as well as breakdowns for those three additional websites.
  • Get actionable recommendations from us on what you should focus on to drive results for your business online.
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Website Performance Audit

Get detailed information on how visitors interact with your website to learn what works and what doesn’t… and why.

  • Choose 5 pages on your website. We’ll show you, in detail, how far people scroll through each page, and what they click on most often.
  • We will then comb through your Google Analytics data and combine it with the page interaction data to identify bottlenecks on your site.
  • We’ll use all of this information to provide you with two wireframes detailing potential improvements that you can make to crucial pages on your website.
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Both of these packages are an important first step in our full digital marketing methodology (which has a 100% success rate with companies that follow the entire process, by the way).
Plus, either one of these packages will give you insights that you’ll need to make good digital marketing strategy decisions driven by evidence, not opinion. So if you’ve ever asked any of the following questions…

  • What keywords are people using to get to websites like mine?
  • How does my web traffic compare to other websites in my industry?
  • Why isn’t my website converting traffic into leads?
  • Are people even reading the content on my landing pages?

… it’s time to let us get you some answers.

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