Strategic digital selling services designed to target your ideal buyer. Build your email list, earn trust with your audience and keep prospects engaged. Turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

Lead Magnet Development with Landing Page & Workflow ($7,500)

A lead magnet is a downloadable piece of content that is used to convert and capture leads online. This content can be in the form of a guide, worksheet or how-to document. A lead magnet requires its own landing page and a five email series workflow spanning multiple weeks to nurture the leads it attracts.

Content Marketing ($5,000/month)

A targeted content strategy on LinkedIn with pieces of influential thought leadership that are built and curated based on your buyer persona(s). Executed with the goal of B2B Lead Generation these content pieces can include: White papers, Ebooks, Case studies, infographics, Webinars, Publishing on LinkedIn (including carousels and documents), etc.

Keyword Strategy & Editorial Calendar ($5,000)

We conduct research to develop a Keyword Strategy based on what your ideal buyer may be searching online. We then create an Editorial Calendar to show content creation initiatives for your prospects and search engines.

Podcast Services ($3,000/month)

Become the subject matter expert! We work with you to identify a key theme for your podcast that speaks to your ideal buyer. We then help you develop the brand and strategy in order for you to reach the right audience.

Blog Reboot ($8,000)

A blog reboot is the process of following a topic-cluster blog strategy. This strategy requires reorganizing your blog structure and content based on your buyer personas and their top keywords. It not only boosts your search ranking but provides a better user experience for visitors.

Webinar Series ($1,500/month)

A webinar is a lead generating tool to support your overall marketing strategy. Webinars work in all stages of marketing, awareness, consideration and conversion. The topic and style of webinar changes depending on which stage you are targeting.

Case Studies ($1,750/month)

Marketing CoPilot will interview your provided customer contact and write the case study text as well as create a deigned branded PDF that will be ungated for downloading.

LinkedIn Authority Builder
($1,500 /employee/month)

This service can be considered an a la carte service and can be executed with or without a 12 month marketing subscription. The LinkedIn Authority Builder is per employee and is executed with one-on-one coaching and recommendations to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Paid Digital Advertising ($2,000/month)

Have an intriguing offer? We help you develop a targeted ad strategy using a lead magnet or other offer to drive traffic to your site and build your email list.

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