Email is Over??!

I heard a marketing guru at a conference proclaim that email marketing is over. That was three years ago at the beginning of the social media explosion and marketers were proclaiming that email marketing was on its way out. I was puzzled by this statement. There is not an online service or website that I can find that doesn’t require an email address to interact with it. An email address is part of the social online fabric. How could it be over?
What this expert was really saying is that interruption is over. Pinging anonymous email lists with promotional sales stuff is over. Providing value-added content that people care about and give you permission to send to them is “in”. Engagement is in. Email communications is still the most productive way of staying in touch and in fact, has become expected regardless of how big or small your company.
Email is popular for a reason. It is a direct connection to an individual and their business, interests and preferences. We are business partners with Constant Contact and have been using and testing this email marketing platform as part of an integrated online strategy for three years now. Here’s how we work email marketing into an active online strategy.

integrating email marketing into your online strategy

Integrating email marketing into your online strategy

If you are using a content strategy to improve your search engine rankings, creating content via blog posts or press releases that are keyword rich and distributed via email marketing do two things for your business:

  1. It tests whether people care about your content
  2. It drives traffic to your site and allows people to learn, subscribe, unsubscribe and be part of a network of their choosing.

In short, it is the mechanism a small business should be using to stay in touch, connect with value-added content and test their online strategy.
If you are interested in learning more about how this strategy could help your business connect with and keep customers, we offer a free 60 day trial with Constant Contact ( and we will help you get you up and running including suggestions on how to manage and build your list.
Send us an email with “Test Drive Email Marketing” in the title and we’ll get you set up.
Email is not over, in fact we think it’s just beginning.

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