Episode 8: Getting back to basics

Advice for business owners considering their exit stratgey.

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In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Aaron Zeper. Aaron joined Signature Technology Group in 2011 as an outsider to a 30-year old family run business to help them get ready for a liquidation event. Aaron and a partner had five years to re-position and grow the business to make it appealing to buyers. In this episode he shares his story and business advice about getting the fundamentals right and what your gut tells you about the right time to sell.

Listen in as Aaron shares the core decision points about when to sell including:

  • Recognizing the next risk level
  • How assess capital requirements
  • When you need more tools

In this episode you will learn the four steps for how to get the basics right:

  1. Be clear on exactly what you do
  2. Be great on describing why it matters to people
  3. Create a plan to amplify your value
  4. Stick to the plan and make it happen

Most importantly, Aaron suggests that no one knows all of the answers, so the key to a successful exit is to have an open mind in the journey. For more advice from Aaron Zeper read his guest blog post called “So you think you know Marketing?“.

About Aaron Zeper

aaron zep pic 2 235x250 1Aaron Zeper serves as Vice President at STG Tech Data, a recent acquisition of Fortune #108 Company, Tech Data. Aaron leads all Services, Sales, Marketing, and Operations teams in the organization, which delivers a variety of IT Data Center services on behalf of Solution Providers to their end user clients. Prior to Tech Data and STG, Aaron has 15 years of experience, domestically and internationally, leading technology organizations up to 200 teammates with over $1B in annual revenue, working at Insight and as a contractor to IBM and CA (Computer Associates).

These organizations saw explosive growth as he innovated new markets, created sales channels, and developed services teams that broke traditional thinking. Aaron utilizes three key components:  business improvement, talent development, and the client experience, with a foundation of controlled chaos, common sense, and extreme balance. Aaron is a rebel with results.

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