Taking the Lead in Ecommerce

How a New Value Proposition Drove ROI for Evenica 

After twenty years of becoming a quiet leader in the ecommerce sector, Evenica wanted to scale their revenue and knew they needed a comprehensive marketing program. Working through our process helped Evenica clarify their value proposition, tell more compelling stories about their work, and become a nominee for Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for their work. 

The Problem

One common issue for Microsoft Partners is figuring out how to participate in the Microsoft channel while telling a unique story. Standing out from direct competition can be difficult, especially when you’re all working from the same technology stack. 

However, Evenica had a lot of great raw material for a new position in the market. They were not only a market leader in the Microsoft ecommerce stack, they offered their own technology and had a strong track record in many industries. This made them an ideal candidate for our process. 

Our Solution

In our Quick Start Plan, we guide clients through a discovery process that reveals the characteristics of their best clients and guides them towards a powerful and unique value proposition. Working with Evenica, we found that their clients often came to them with a lack of product knowledge, creating opportunities for early-stage engagement and education. Helping prospects understand what a comprehensive ecommerce solution really looks like, and what it can do for their business, became a key part of their communications strategy. 

Along with new language about their product offerings and gated downloads to generate leads, we helped Evenica develop a suite of case studies to help make the ROI of their solutions more tangible. By highlighting how custom ecommerce solutions can drive better performance throughout a business, we were able to tell Evenica’s story and demonstrate their value. 

The Results

Before working with Marketing CoPilot, Evenica had not considered their website to be a sales tool or a source of leads. After working through our Quick Start Program and following up with a suite of branded content to support their new positioning, Evenica was able to establish not only a pipeline of digital leads to grow their business, but a leading position as a Microsoft innovator and increased brand awareness. 

Evenica also found that their sales cycle became shorter, as prospects were able to get to know them faster and make decisions more easily. Organizing their digital channels around their buyer’s journey, and providing appropriate touchpoints at each stage, provided them with more leads in a shorter time. 

The content we co-produced for Evenica helped them get attention within the Microsoft channel for their work, which eventually led to a Partner of the Year nomination and a lasting relationship with key channel stakeholders. Alongside a new lead generation program, Evenica’s investment in a new value proposition gave them a clear leadership position and a competitive edge.