Putting Icing on the Cake

Last week I wrote about the Eleven Must-Have’s for your 2011 Marketing Plan. I had a great response on that post but item #3 is the one that many people were asking about. How do I create great content for my company that engages prospects and customers?
Building a great content marketing strategy for your business is hard work. There is no silver bullet. It starts with knowing exactly what your value proposition is for your business and developing themes that can be used in a non-product specific way to express your value.
Here are three important tips for building great content…..
1. A reason to read.
Headlines are important and so is the opening line. Think about the content that draws your attention. What is it about that content that gave you a reason to read?
2. A reason you are different.
What can you offer your ideal prospect that no one else can? If you don’t have compelling differentiation, think in terms of options you offer that is different from your competition.
3. A reason to believe.
People seek authenticity. There is lots of garbage content on the web. Here are some rules to live by:

  • Be specific and use examples
  • Provide compelling case studies
  • Create legitimate testimonials
  • Use facts and figures
  • Talk about guarantees
  • Build authenticity, authority and likability

Sum  Up: Content is very important for a successful marketing strategy but it needs context. Moving past “features and functions” is the only way you will get results.
Bottom Line: Last year Jan-Pro Canada approached Marketing CoPilot to build them a website that would generate leads for their business. After three months of working on the value proposition and content, another three months to build a new website and online strategy, Jan-Pro launched the site on November 1, 2010 and by November 30, 2010 they were consistently ranking on Page One of Google, had 33 people download their new online quote tool and closed 75% of the leads that were generated.
The right content and context drove the Jan-Pro strategy. Content puts the icing on the cake!
Stay tuned over the next couple of posts as we describe in more detail how you can get the same results.

Marketing CoPilot