5 Tips to help you grow your email list in a CASL-compliant way

Grow your email list in a CASL compliant wayHow is your organization coping post-CASL?
You may still be trying to navigate your way through the legislation or you may have executed your first “opt-in” campaign. Regardless, list purging has been the number one complaint of business owners who are struggling to navigate their understanding of express and implied consent and what that means to their future email lists.
Many clients we have worked with to implement programs in support of complying with the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) have seen a decrease in their list size. While list maintenance is always a good thing, many sales people are complaining that a reduction in list size is hurting their lead generation strategy. Some people have lost more than 60% of their contacts due to unsubscribes, removing old contacts and asking people to opt-in to lists rather than assuming email addresses can be used.

At Marketing CoPilot, we have a different view of this issue and have been working to spread the word.

CASL is actually a brilliant excuse to find out who cares about your content and if they want to hear from you. Perhaps your list drops from 5000 to 1500 names after running an opt-in program and asking for express consent but would you rather send to many people who don’t care or a few people who are highly invested in what you are doing?
We think having a clean list of individuals that actually want to hear from you and believe that your content marketing is valuable will garner much better business results and provide qualified leads to the sales team. Those who have taken the initiative to provide express consent and have shown significant interest in what your company has to offer is where you want to spend your marketing dollars on.

Here are 5 tips to help you build your email list post-CASL:

1. Provide value-added content that speaks to problems not products.

Sending an email with a list of details about your product, what it does and what the benefits are will push readers to the unsubscribe before the open is even tracked. Your email marketing needs to speak to the problems that your audience is having and the pain points for why they would need a product/service such as yours. Developing value added content and putting it concisely into an email with a clear call to action is going to keep people on your list and away from the unsubscribe page.

2. Add “Join my mailing list” to every form on your website and email campaigns.

If someone is filling out a form on your website they are interested enough to give you their personal details which means they might be interested enough to say they want to be added to your mailing list. It may sound odd to ask in an email if they are already on your list but they may forward your content and it’s good to provide a continual process to people to get on or off the list.

3. Create a social media campaign around “Join my mailing list”.

You have worked to develop your social following and have a group of people big or small that is interested in your company so why not leverage them to join your mailing list.

4. Invite people to join your mailing list in your staff email signatures.

Think about how many emails you and people in your company send each day, adding a “Join our mailing list” to the bottom of the email footer will increase the chances of people that you already know and exchange personal emails.

5. Provide an incentive to join your mailing list.

People love things that are relevant to their business. Add an incentive that will help your target audience to do something better in their business and drive them to join your mailing list. People are more likely to pay attention to your email if you are offering something that helps them.

President and Co-Founder of Marketing CoPilot, Marie Wiese did a fantastic presentation at Constant Contact Rethink Email Marketing Workshop on August 19th, 2014. The presentation includes great tips and tricks on navigating through CASL including a case study on how Marketing CoPilot took a client through a CASL opt-in process with a 35% conversion rate.

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