Guess What Google Just Did to Your Home Page?

Google announced yesterday a new addition called “Instant Previews”. According to Google, the intent of Instant Previews is to “help people bypass websites that are either irrelevant or simply too visually cluttered for their tastes.”
Wow! Think about that for a minute. Will your home page stand up? Is your value proposition and presentation of it on your home page strong enough to withstand the Instant test?
We have advocated to clients for years now the eight second test. Have a stranger look at your website and answer in eight seconds or less: Where am I? What can I do here? Why would I do it?
Here are three important resources you should get right now to help you with your home page design…..

  1. Go get the free 150 page report issued by MarketingExperiments on home page design. Four years ago the Marketing CoPilot team took a Landing Page Accreditation course from Dr. Flint McLaughlin, author of the report. This stuff works. Look at the lift they get in real life tests.
  2. Read the blog my friends at gShift Labs wrote about how you can leverage Google Instant Preview for your business.
  3. Get your value proposition right. A website that says everything says nothing. For the first 10 people who email me, I will do a complimentary Landing Page Assessment.

If the roof on your house was leaking, you’d fix it. If your home page needs an overhaul, Google just gave you the business reason to do it. Get your home page right in eight seconds and you will drive leads to your company.

Marketing CoPilot