How Do I Draw Customers to My Newly Launched Website?

Anyone who has built a website for their company knows how much work it takes to launch a new site. Unfortunately, once the site is “live”, your work has really only just started. Unlike Field of Dreams, if you build it, they don’t automatically come. That’s the bad news.
Here’s the good news….
With a little planning, testing and sweat equity, there have never been better tools and techniques to drive potential new customers to your website and your business. We work with clients everyday to build online strategies that can be consistently executed on a monthly basis to get results.
Here is our proven methodology….

  1. Create messages and themes that your customers care about that you can share online.
  2. Develop an online strategy to push out content via social media, blogs, press releases, email marketing, etc.
  3. Build a monthly, process-oriented RoadMap that allows you to push customer centric content to the marketplace to track and measure the results.

Scan00031Result: When you create rich content that you share via email marketing, blogs, social media, or other online tactics, you create something for Google to find and index on a weekly basis. When Google finds this content and returns it in a search return when someone searches for your business product or service, you are going to be found. The closer you are to Page One, the better your chances of people clicking on your website and going to see what it’s all about.
Simply put, organic search engine optimization, as opposed to paid advertising is clicked on 70% of the time by customers versus 30% for paid advertising. You need a strong search engine strategy to support your website. To do that requires content that search engines can find and content that people care about.

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