How to start a love affair with Google

Like any relationship if you want it to last you need to work at it.

You need to build it, gain its trust and maintain it. Of course if your goal is to be on page one for a common keyword in a Google search then you need to find a way to become Google’s “go to girl”.

White Swan
To become Google’s golden girl you need to be relevant, valuable and trustworthy. Google will be ready to start a long term relationship with you. But he hates speed dating.
So here are the 3 main qualities your site needs to have:

  1. Relevance
  2. Value
  3. Trust

Here’s how to be relevant, valuable and trusted

Google’s complex and sensitive algorithm combines different elements to rank your website. So when an organic search query is triggered the magic begins. In a nano second, Google asks your site:

1. Is your site relevant to the search query?

You can achieve this with a strong value proposition,  a documented buying process and keyword strategy that targets your ideal buyer.
To build relevance on the internet you need a website that has:

  • Marketing content that resonates with the person searching
  • Page titles and layout that are optimized in relation to this search
  • A keyword strategy and relationship
  • Site/company description

2. Okay, your site’s content is relevant, but is it valuable?

The architecture of your site is the window to illustrate your core business value proposition and brand. You must set the stage online to demonstrate your value. Here’s how you know if you have a valuable site:

  • Is it built with an easy to crawl site structure?
  • Is your site slow or fast to upload?
  • How is your social web presence? Active or passive?
  • Do you have or get backlinks? The more you have the better.
  • How wide is your web presence?

3. Perfect your site is relevant, has value, but is it trustworthy?

Like in a relationship, building trust is a long process. You need to maintain it to gain the most trust from Google. What Google trusts is:

  • Sites with a long history
  • The regular visits your site gets and how long they stay
  • How often your links are shared with others sites or social media
  • Fresh content, do you update your content often? Are people interacting with your site?
  • The quality of backlinks your site gets.

You are convinced your site and web presence meets these three Google qualifications and you’re still not on page one.
Then this means your competitor is better at it then you are.

Google Relationship Chart

Keep working on these three levels and you’ll see results in your Google relationship in the long run.

Or it simply means you haven’t applied the Marketing Copilot Formula. Download our free eBook here and start today.

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