Online Competitive Analysis

If you feel your competition is beating you online, we’ll be able to tell you why… and give you clear direction on what you should do next.

Are you struggling to figure out your next online move?

Good decisions are driven by good data. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t have access to all the information they need to plan an effective course of action.

After months of testing and verifying new tools with a number of current clients, we’ve developed two proprietary analysis methodologies that use both traditional and advanced approaches to collect data on the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

The Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis will give you insights that you’ll need to make good digital marketing decisions driven by evidence, not opinion.

We’ll study your website…

360-Degree Website Review

  • We’ll investigate your Google Analytics to evaluate your traffic volume and quality.
  • If you are running Google Adwords campaigns, we’ll look at those to make sure they’re adding value to your digital marketing program.
  • We will also use your lead generation mechanisms (such as email signups) to evaluate your website performance.


Traffic and Keyword Evaluation

  • We will show you what is driving traffic to your site and if your keywords match the traffic you want.

… and 2 competitors of your choice.

Competitive Benchmark

  • We will research your competitors, and give you approximate data on how much traffic those websites get and where their traffic comes from.


Competitive Traffic and Keyword Analysis

  • We will show you what is driving traffic to your competitors website and what keywords your competitors are using to gain their audience.

At the end of the process you’ll receive a report and a 1-hour planning session.

  • All the information above will be laid out in an easy-to-follow report.
  • In the 1-hour planning session, we will go over the results with you and outline next steps.

Why you need a flight plan.

This is like taking your website to the mechanic’s for a diagnostic. After the one-hour planning session with us, you will have a clear picture of your opportunities for better digital marketing and how you can win in the marketplace.


Get going with your Competitive Analysis so you can launch past your competition.

If you contact us, we’ll be able to provide you with a sample report and some more information on what you can expect from a report like this.


What’s the cost?

The entire Digital Marketing Audit package only costs $1500 and will provide value insight to help you win business with a better performing online strategy.

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