It's Good to Get Together to Talk About Online Stuff

Marketing CoPilot is again hosting the 2010 Marketing Boot Camp in conjuntion with the York Technology Association on April 29, 2010.
This year’s topic: How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine. This is one marketer who can’t wait to discuss this topic.
But living online got me thinking: In an era of “virtual this” and “online that”, it’s good to know that marketers still want to get together with each other, share, learn and brain storm. Last year the event was sold out and marketers came from as far as Ottawa to take part.
So why do people like the face-to-face element of learning? Here is my deduction:

  1. There are lots of things you can read and learn online but nothing beats the creativity and energy of a group of people getting together to figure something out.
  2. Marketers love to watch people present. We are incredibly visual. Sitting in a room watching a presenter sparks the imagination.
  3. It’s nice to get together with other people who are totally confused about SEO. Does anyone really understand what the heck Google does?
  4. Marketers like to show off. This is hard to do watching a webinar or reading a blog. We never miss an opportunity to offer up advice when a colleague is stumped.

I hope you will consider attending. I promise the presenters will be insightful, the ideas will flow and the room temperature just right. Hope you can make it.

Marketing CoPilot