Meaningful Differentiation for an MSP

How Kalmer Solutions Doubled Website Traffic and Improved Visibility

Kalmer Solutions was an Arkansas-based managed service provider with excellent client retention, but a sales pipeline that needed more leads. Working through our Quick Start Program provided them with not only the marketing infrastructure they needed to drive early-stage prospects, but a unique value proposition that differentiated them from other MSPs and allowed them to have new conversations with their prospects. 

The Problem

Once a managed service provider has mastered solution delivery, how else can they differentiate? That was the challenge facing Kalmer Solutions, who provides their clients with virtual CIO services, technology upgrades, cloud-based computing, IT support, cybersecurity, the fulfillment of compliance requirements, and more. 

Our Solution

Our discovery workshops with Kalmer revealed that along with their outstanding client satisfaction record, they had an edge in one specific area: the conversation surrounding workforce modernization, which had intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic. By positioning themselves as experts in modern workforce solutions and providing content that bridged the gap between technology and human resources, Kalmer claimed a unique position in their market and provided value above and beyond what one would expect from a traditional MSP. 

In our work with Kalmer, we also found that a common sticking point for early-stage prospects was budgeting, which eventually led to the production of resources and tools on that topic. Figuring out how much something costs usually involves a conversation with a salesperson, so by using marketing to provide that information earlier in the purchase process, Kalmer ensured they were part of more conversations and more shortlists. 

The Results

A new value proposition, a new website, and a new content strategy drove big results for Kalmer. They have since doubled their website traffic and are converting more of those visitors into contacts and prospects. With ongoing support from Marketing CoPilot on branded content for their blog and social media, they also enjoy a larger market footprint and more inbound traffic. 

With a website that has clear conversion points, added-value content, and an inbound strategy that drives higher volumes of traffic, Kalmer positioned themselves more effectively in their industry and claimed a valuable niche that they can translate into revenue. These kinds of results were possible within one year of sustained investment in marketing resources.