Keyword Strategy

Developing a customer-centric keyword strategy

Keywords are the cornerstone of your Content Marketing Plan

Keywords are not just for your website, they should be in everything you do online. Every time you write a blog post, send a post on social media, write an email – you should be thinking about your keyword list and how you can appropriately use them in your content. If you do not add keywords to your content and even worse do not have a keyword strategy, you are missing a very important opportunity to connect with people who are looking for you.

If you can create the right mix of content and keywords on your website for your current customer base, chances are more people similar to your customer base will find you. But thinking that a pool of keywords bought or acquired organically will just magically appear and will drive volume to your website leading to conversion is a fool’s game.

Building a keyword strategy is a constant effort and for it to work means investing time, money and resources towards its continual development.

This guide will help you develop an effective keyword strategy:

  • Identify the right keywords based on your business.
  • Research and analyze your best keywords.
  • Implement the keywords on your online presence.


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