Episode 9: In Transition

Attention Solo-preneurs… or anyone interested in becoming one.

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In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Maggie DiStasi. Maggie is a Career Transition and Leadership Coach. After overcoming personal obstacles that helped push her into a career transition, she now spends her professional life doing the same for others. In this episode Maggie and Marie discuss Maggie’s journey and her best advice for solo-preneurs and those wishing to make a drastic career change.

Some of Maggie’s key pieces of advice include:

  • How to set yourself up for success
  • A process-based methodology that will help you navigate the uncertainty
  • What to plan for before jumping in

Among the uncertainty of transitioning careers there is also the uncertainty of succeeding in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Marie and Maggie are to help you with that too. Continue listening for the most common mistake people make when launching a website as well as how to prioritize your marketing activities when you don’t have very much time.To start this process, download Diagnosing and Fixing Digital Marketing Problems to get organized.

About Maggie DiStasi

Maggie DiStasi headshotIn her work as a professional Career Transition and Leadership Coach, Maggie DiStasi helps people navigate the uncertainty of career transition so they know what to do next and can start taking action.  She made her own significant career transition close to a decade ago, learning about how to set yourself up for success in transition in the process (especially when you’re not clear on your goals).  Today she works with people who are ready to make their own career transition: to get ahead in their careers, change jobs or industry, or start their own business.  She also helps small- and mid-sized business owners develop the skills and presence to lead mindfully for greater impact with their teams and business objectives.  Her upcoming program, Break the Glass Ceiling: Develop Essential Skills for Career Success and Advancement, helps women advance their career in a way that feels authentic and celebrates their natural strengths (coming in September 2017).

Connect with Maggie on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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