Marketing Copilot® and Hybrid Intelligence


How AI transforms the sales and marketing function

ChatGPT is just another technology tool. However, how it gets applied can be transformational to your sales and marketing function.

Marketing Copilot® believes the marketplace is becoming more and more saturated with ai-generated content. Your value proposition and how you speak to the market via your web presence has never been more important. It is the difference between business success and business failure.

Hybrid intelligence is all about taking the right strategy and using AI to enhance it in a timely fashion. Marketing Copilot® has been on the forefront of creating tools to help marketers win in this cluttered marketplace.

Marketing Copilot® AI Resources:

How Marketing Copilot® is embracing AI

We have developed a tool (Marketing Copilot® AI) that prompts ChatGPT with a few core questions related to how your customers view your value proposition. By simply entering your URL, Marketing CoPilot® AI gives you an overview of how humans might interpret the content on your site in relation to these core questions and how you communicate your value online.

We are able to return data that allows a human being to assess the strength of your value proposition in the marketplace.

What's My Value Proposition?


Reflecting on Responsible AI After Microsoft’s MVP Summit 2024

This month, I attended the Microsoft MVP summit in Redmond, Washington at the Microsoft head office. I was one of approximately 1,500 people who had come from all over the world to talk about the latest updates in product and strategy at Microsoft. While I am under NDA and cannot discuss specifics, I can confirm that of 350 available presentations, 340 of them had something to do with AI. As an AI MVP, the things that impressed me was not the developer conversations, but rather the conversations around ethical and responsible AI…

When we talk about AI, we so often speak in terms of Human vs. Machine. Hybrid Intelligence re-frames this idea, instead prompting us to consider Human and Machine…

We think that large parts of the marketing function can be automated with AI, allowing small B2B teams to have outsized market footprints without sacrificing content quality…

In June, Marie Wiese had the opportunity to talk about AI and marketing automation at the Illuminate 2023 conference. These are Marie’s reflections on the 4 possible outcomes of B2B Marketing…