The Future of B2B Marketing is Hybrid Intelligence

How AI should be transforming the sales and marketing function

ChatGPT is just another technology tool. However, how it gets applied can be transformational to your sales and marketing function.

As the marketplace becomes more and more saturated with ai-generated content, your value proposition and how you speak to the market via your web presence has never been more important. It is the difference between business success and business failure.

Hybrid intelligence is all about taking the right strategy and using AI to enhance it in a timely fashion.

How We're Embracing AI

We have developed a tool (Marketing CoPilot ai) that prompts ChatGPT with 5 core questions related to how your customers view your value proposition. By simply entering your URL, Marketing CoPilot AI gives you an overview of how humans might interpret the content on your site in relation to these 4 core questions and how you communicate your value online.

We are able to return data that allows a human being to assess the strength of your value proposition in the marketplace.

What's My Value Proposition?

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