This is a marketing podcast dedicated to sharing practical, real-life advice from business owners.

On The Common Sense Marketer, we speak with business owners about the day-to-day challenges they face when growing their business, and how they overcome those challenges. Each episode contains information like;

  • Strategies for tackling social media and “social selling”
  • Where successful business owners turn to for thought leadership and new ideas
  • How to reliably improve lead generation through digital marketing
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Past Episodes

Women Talk Tech Episode 2: A career in tech is not scary

“Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them” Available on iTunes. On this week’s Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Ashley Trudeau, Inside Sales Rep for Synnex Canada. Ashley...
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Women Talk Tech Episode 1: We are ALL Computer Science

“Computer Science as a Catalyst for Change” Available on iTunes. In the first official Women Talk Tech podcast episode we talk to Adrienne Power. Adrienne is a Canadian Olympian and working as a Development Officer for the Faculty of Computer Science at...
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Welcoming the Podcast Women Talk Tech on Marketing CoPilot Radio

The Women Talk Tech Podcast on Marketing CoPilot Radio The newest addition to Marketing CoPilot Radio is the Women Talk Tech podcast. This podcast comes at such an appropriate time, where women are using their voices as they never have before. This podcast is not just...
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Episode 15: The business value of a powerful value proposition

Discovering your Value Proposition Available on iTunes. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Ray Simmons. Ray is the President of Darcor Limted and a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader and technical expert. He discusses the power of content marketing, what it...
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Episode 14: The Importance of Sales and Marketing Working Together

Inbound Marketing 101. In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Kevin Payne. Kevin is an inbound marketing consultant who focuses on using HubSpot for SaaS startups. Listen in as Marie and Kevin explain what the Inbound Marketing methodology is and why it is so important for every business today.

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