Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics D365

If you’re trying to make a marketing automation choice, or have already made it and are struggling to master your tool, we have helped many Microsoft Partners & Customers build the right plan to get marketing automation running successfully in their organizations.

You Need Marketing Automation

Need help choosing a MA system that integrates with Dynamics 365? We’ve conducted business analysis exercises to help you select the right solution for the type of team, resources and budget you have in your organization. Every outcome is unique to your business goals and your business requirements.

You Have Marketing Automation

Do you have Marketing Automation installed with D365 and need help making it work? For many companies Marketing Automation is an afterthought. It’s a technology decision that gets made after the CRM is implemented. Marketing CoPilot helps companies build a plan that works to align sales and marketing and turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

Make the right choice and build the right plan with us!

Map Your
Marketing Process

Efficient marketing automation begins with a map of your customers journey. Our proven methodology allows us to build a unique plan that ensures your marketing automation will deliver maximum impact.

Align Marketing
and Sales

Unlock the true potential of your marketing efforts by aligning them with your sales strategies. Our expertise bridges the gap, creating a powerful synergy that drives conversions and revenue growth.

Make Your
Technology Work

Technology is your ally. We specialize in building lead nurturing programs within your Marketing Automation tool that helps you track leads and turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

How Do I Make My Technology Work?

"Marketing CoPilot has become an integral part of our team. Through collaborative work they’ve helped Evenica build a strong marketing foundation that has led to increased brand awareness and a shortened sales cycle. Their strong understanding of the Microsoft partner channel made them uniquely qualified to help Evenica with everything from identifying buyer personas to copywriting. With the help of Marketing CoPilot, Evenica will continue to evolve their marketing strategy through innovative campaigns."
Kelly Mazur
Manager of Marketing & Microsoft Partnership at Evenica