Do you know what your customers are doing online to choose you?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. The lines between sales, marketing, customer service and IT are blurred. A fresh set of eyes helps you visualize a new approach to the runway.

The transformation of the marketing function today is dramatic. Many marketers are creative, great writers or excellent event managers, but creating the right content strategy to map to Microsoft Dynamics, takes an expert who understands sales process, marketing strategy and technology.

People are trying to implement marketing automation but don’t have a plan or can’t get the tools to work. Even superstars need a coach.

We provide a plan that is easy to build and execute using the customizations from your Microsoft Dynamics environment. There is nothing more frustrating than bringing in an outsider with a generic strategy and who does not take into consideration three important things…

YOUR buyers’ journey and HOW THEY FIND YOU.
The coordination between the teams who must execute.

Here’s a few things we’ve noticed doing projects for Dynamics customers…

  • The technology team runs the tools, but the sales and marketing teams need to show results. They need to bridge the gap between tools and outcomes.
  • Lots of people charge off in many directions with no coach and no plan. Everyone needs a set of directions that everyone can work from.
  • Whether you work with an agency, freelancers or have in-house players on your marketing team, an outside set of eyes to review your lead management process will enable better results long term.

Here’s how we work with Microsoft Dynamics customers…


  • Review your Dynamics set up, lead management and qualification process.
  • Analyze page performance, traffic, content and source information.
  • Review conversion strategy and test current conversion paths.


  • Present data and observations on current content and web strategy in a customized report with recommendations.
  • Recommendations are focused on content that maps to the awareness, consideration and decision process of your best customer.


We have a proprietary methodology to create a Marketing Automation Playbook that includes:

  • Messaging and value proposition strategy and analysis.
  • Buyer persona development and buyer mapping.
  • Content plan for lead generation.
  • Graphic representation of your lead management workflow.
  • Documented conversion strategy.
  • Action plan to map it to marketing automation and CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a plan?

The reasons implementing a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics hits a wall is because the buyer journey has not been documented and there is friction between internal teams. For example, everyone is not always on the same page about how lead management should get handled online. We can help sort this out.

How much does it cost?

A basic assessment starts at $5,000. Playbook development starts at $15,000 and monthly coaching starts at $3,500.

How is this different from other consultants we’ve worked with?

The difference is that we are taking your Microsoft Dynamics environment, your team and your business goals into consideration. We have helped more than 100 companies in the last 10 years with lead management programs. Our methodology will help you be successful with exactly what you need to do right now.