Need help finding money in your Microsoft Partner CENTER?

Microsoft Incentives & Rebates Program

Many Microsoft Partners are confused and exhausted trying to navigate the Microsoft Incentives and Rebates Program and often have money sitting in their portal that they don’t even know about



Partner Channel Consultant

Majd started his career at Microsoft over 20 years ago as a product marketing manager and managed the strategic partnerships with global players like HP, Dell, and Lenovo. For 20 years, Majd has closely followed Microsoft product development in the areas of security, office, virtualization, and business products. He has intimate knowledge of the workings of the Microsoft ecosystem and how partners can maximize their investment with Microsoft. Majd has managed the partner success programs for indirect providers such as Sherweb and AppRiver OpenText, working directly with Microsoft Partners. Majd has also helped direct community growth and networking at CompTIA and has a wide network of Microsoft professionals and partners around the world.

Don't Leave Money on the Table

Majd Madina understands how to navigate and find incentives and rebates. If you are a Microsoft Partner who bills more than $7,000/month in Microsoft licensing, there is a very good chance you are leaving money on the table.

$5,000 USD Could Net You a Whole Lot More!

This investment of $5,000 and 8-weeks of your time will help you find hidden money, understand your badging criteria, and clean-up your Partner Center so that you can better monitor your ongoing activity with Microsoft.

Find lost money.

Chances are you are leaving money on the table and not using, tracking, or pursuing the incentives and rebates you deserve.

Target the right designations.

Pursuing the correct designations and badges can be confusing. We’ll guide you in the right direction including help for Dynamics and Azure Partners.

Manage your portal effectively going forward.

Once we find you money, we’ll support you in understanding your Earnings Report and make sure all incentives and accelerators are applied for all customers.

Why Do This?

We have reviewed 100s of Partner Centers and in 97% of the cases, we have found money for the Partner that they either did not know existed, or were not properly getting credited for the right licenses, badges and competencies. The Partner Center is confusing and it takes an expert to navigate. Many larger Partners have full time employees just to manage their account. For only $5000, you get expert help and the ability to find lost money.

Why Do This With Us?

Majd Madina and the team at Marketing Copilot have years of experience working in the Partner Channel specifically with companies like Sherweb, Ingram Micro, and OpenText. We understand how to maximize opportunities with Microsoft and set you on a path for innovation and better marketing.