Build a High-Performing Revenue Funnel

Digital Selling Programs that help you Differentiate as a Microsoft Partner

According to Microsoft, there are more that 20,000 Microsoft Partners globally. For the average customer, this makes selecting a Microsoft partner very difficult. Some partners differentiate by industry vertical, geographic location, or a mix of services they provide. This makes it overwhelming for customers to select a partner, when values are not clearly stated, and website copy is confusing and unclear. We fix this problem for Microsoft Partners with decades of experience working specifically in the Microsoft channel to help you define your differentiation, establish your web presence and ultimately, grow your customer base.

Working with Marketing Copilot®

Define Your
Unique Positioning

Our proven methodology helps Microsoft Partners discover their unique differentiation in the marketplace, identify their target partners, and build a high-performing marketing sales funnel.

Establish Your
Web Presence

Our web presence plays a vital role in building relationships and establishing trust with our prospects. Armed with your unique plan, Marketing CoPilot turns your website into your #1 salesperson.

Grow Your
Customer Base

Core topics and themes identified in your unique plan help build content strategies that keep prospects engaged online, build email lists, and ultimately turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

What's My Value Proposition?

"Marketing CoPilot has become an integral part of our team. Through collaborative work they’ve helped Evenica build a strong marketing foundation that has led to increased brand awareness and a shortened sales cycle. Their strong understanding of the Microsoft partner channel made them uniquely qualified to help Evenica with everything from identifying buyer personas to copywriting. With the help of Marketing CoPilot, Evenica will continue to evolve their marketing strategy through innovative campaigns."
Kelly Mazur
Manager of Marketing & Microsoft Partnership at Evenica