Planning for Marketing Automation Success with Microsoft Dynamics

To be successful with marketing automation today and achieve digital transformation in the future, you need to consider…


  • You must have agreement between the sales, marketing and technology teams about business goals and a common set of objectives. Looking to get your team on-board with this process? Take this online assessment. It will take you five minutes to complete and it’s free.


  • To achieve alignment between, sales, marketing, customer service and IT you need to agree on who needs what data and who OWNS each part of the customer journey. We have created an easy to follow template for data collection.


  • Everyone wants to “hit send”. You may want to blast a list of 10,000 recipients or send out a monthly newsletter. Spoiler alert: these tactics, even expertly executed do not create success or achieve your goals. You need a content plan and a champion in your organization to ensure you follow it.


Before selecting a marketing automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics, you need to document goals, identify data and create a plan. You also need organizational alignment about how much time, money and resources you need for marketing automation.

Many people purchase a tool and then complain that it is not performing. This is often due to tossing the product to an individual in the marketing or technology team and asking them to “figure it out”. This is an impossible task. If an organization does not commit to mapping the buyer journey to their web presence, the tool will never perform to expectations. You need alignment of goals, a plan and a content strategy to get it working successfully.

  • Use this guide to get marketing automation working successfully.