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Our Story

Women Talk Tech started as conversation via the medium of podcasting to address the declining numbers of women in the tech sector. By sharing stories about women paving the way in tech, the idea was that more women would be interested in joining tech companies and considering a career in tech. What we have learned over the last two years, after hundreds of discussions with tech leaders globally, is that people want tools to create an action plan. Dialogue is important but action is better. Our research led us to four important cornerstones to help tech companies address gender imbalance: Recruitment Practices, Mentorship and Sponsorship, Workplace Environment and Pay Equity. With this in mind, we partnered with leadership coaches to develop the 2020 Action Plan and the Women Talk Tech Action Plan Workshop to help tech companies build a plan to bring more women into their companies and help them prosper.

Featured Episode

On this week’s episode of Women Talk Tech we are joined by Jennifer Jordan. Jennifer is the Managing Director for the Female Founders First program with Barclays and Techstar, a program designed to allow trail-blazing female-led companies with resources to grow, scale, and advance their businesses. Tune in to hear Jennifer discuss what it takes for female-led companies to close the access gap and scale their business.

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