Fixed Fee Marketing Programs that Grow Revenue

Your Strategic Outsourced Marketing Department

Most companies don’t have the in-house resources required build a marketing strategy, build a project plan, and execute tactics against their business goals. To achieve this would require multiple people, with multiple skills, which would mean carrying multiple salaries and other types of resources.

Marketing Copilot® fills this gap by providing you with a methodology to build your strategy on a fixed fee that has been proven repeatedly in the marketplace. We then have a variety of resources to fix or rebuild your website, apply the right marketing automation strategy, and run it for you on a monthly basis, including 90-day reporting and showing results in lead generation against sales quota.

Working with Marketing Copilot®

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Quick Start Plan

$18,950 (a-la-carte)


Web Services, Content Development

$950/month, 3-year contract + initial set-up fee


Content Development, Marketing Automation

monthly subscriptions starting at $3,500 per month (sample plan)

What's My Value Proposition?

"Marketing CoPilot has become an integral part of our team. Through collaborative work they’ve helped Evenica build a strong marketing foundation that has led to increased brand awareness and a shortened sales cycle. Their strong understanding of the Microsoft partner channel made them uniquely qualified to help Evenica with everything from identifying buyer personas to copywriting. With the help of Marketing CoPilot, Evenica will continue to evolve their marketing strategy through innovative campaigns."
Kelly Mazur
Manager of Marketing & Microsoft Partnership at Evenica