Quick Start Plan

If you want your web presence to start the sales process and increase revenue, this is your flight path to success without a long-term commitment. Our 4-week program is based on our proprietary methodology guaranteed to improve results.

What are the Deliverables?

Your success plan will include:
  • A benchmark analysis of where your web presence and digital readiness is today, and set goals for where you need to be.

  • A clearly stated value proposition and content theme to start the buyer conversation on your website.

  • Documented buyer personas, buyer journey map and digital tactics required for lead and demand generation.

  • A series of prioritized digital tactics for you to execute over 12-months, clearly mapped to the Awareness, Consideration and Conversion stages of your ideal buyer.

The Process

Step 1

Data Analysis

Step 2

Value Proposition Workshop

Step 3

Buyer Persona Workshop

Step 4

Deliver Tactical Plan

What Does it Cost?


Made in two easy payments at the start, and completion of the project. Additional fees may be incurred based on the number of buyer personas you are selling to and the number of products or services you sell as a business. Most people we work with fit into the fixed fee of $19,750.

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