What The Sales Lion taught us about content marketing that ROARS

Good Content = Sales

Marketing CoPilot clients and workshop attendees know that we are big fans of content marketing. We should be. Our business is built on it. We believe that getting found and engaging prospects and customers alike, is all about good content that helps a potential customer in the Buying Process*.


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We have built and delivered many content and keyword strategies for B2B companies. During our working sessions, a great resource we always mention is Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion. He is an excellent example of content marketing that roars. (And when we say “roars”, we mean “lands sales”).
For those that don’t know Marcus or his story, you can check out his blog content at www.thesaleslion.com. But here is the brief synopsis:

  1. In 2008, Marcus ran a pool company in the southern United States that was spending tons of cash on advertising. When the housing market tanked and people stopped buying pools, Marcus whacked the ad budget and looked at other ways to promote his business.
  2. He added a blog to his website and started answering compelling questions on his blog like, “How much does a pool cost?”.
  3. Over the course of 12 months, his website and blog became the highest ranked pool website on the internet beating out huge brand names on Page One of search results.

He gained huge Page One popularity because he was answering real questions from real customers. He was not discussing promotions or features.
When I first heard Marcus speak at a Marketing Sherpa Summit in 2012, I couldn’t believe how glaringly obvious his solution was: Imagine using a blog to answer questions that customers have about a product or service in the buying process*.
Imagine your customer typing a simple question into a search engine like:

  • How much should I spend?
  • How should I compare products/service?
  • What can I expect in the delivery stage?
  • What are my biggest challenges going to be implementing this product/service?
  • What if it doesn’t work/isn’t what I want?

It seems so simple. And yet, of the 30+ B2B websites we researched in the development of this post, less than 5% of the websites we visited provided anything more than feature and function based product information. They also didn’t have any conversion point on their website other than Contact Us.

Why are so many business leaders still ignoring the power of search content marketing?

People are searching. Over one billion searches on Google are done in any given month and 25% of the searches being done are net new. Think about the opportunities for your business. Think of the well-thought-out questions you could be answering on your website that could garner a Page One search result and a click through to your website from someone who has the exact problem you are describing. And, they had never heard of your company before.
The key to success in content marketing is to figure out what keywords searchers might search, gather and create the right content, and deliver the right content consistently.

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We love to share great resources. We think Marcus Sheridan is a great resource for companies that want to develop a search content marketing programs that roars and translates into sales!
Over the next few posts, we are going to discuss more ideas about how to kick-start your search content marketing program. But, if you are really keen to get started, join us on June 13 from 2-4pm in Markham for our Content Marketing Workshop. Space is limited so sign up now.

Thank you, Marcus, for being a great Content Marketing Leader. Your ideas work and they help business owners sell.
*The Buying Process should not be confused with the sales process. The Buying Process is that period when a potential customer doesn’t quite know what they want and they are researching and educating themselves on options. It is not about selecting a product or service. It’s about understanding how to solve a problem. This is where your content strategy should be anchored if you want to win with search content marketing.

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