Marketing CoPilot Methodology™

Achieving Digital Transformation of your Marketing Function

The Marketing CoPilot Methodology has been tested with more than 150 companies in the last 10 years. Companies that want to dramatically improve their marketing results and transform their marketing function from “guessing” to better management of the entire lead generation and lead nurturing process. Lots of other consultants and agencies have a strategy development process. What makes ours different is the use of data and our specific expertise in the technology, manufacturing and professional services sectors. We use data, logic and experience to create a better performing strategy and execution process for your business.


  1. The right value proposition and themes based on specific requirements of the ideal customer and why they buy something.
  2. Core message leads to buyer persona development including buyer map of how someone buys a solution.
  3. Buyer Map is used to create content strategy of what content is required to bring a prospect or current customer into the online lead scoring process.
  4. Keyword research is conducted to understand volume, competitiveness and convertibility of content concepts to bring people into the content strategy.
  5. Elements 1 thru 4 are used to create a conversion strategy that is mapped to a company’s digital footprint (website, email, social, SEO, SEM, etc.) and tracked via marketing automation.


  • Message and content strategy backed by keyword research
  • Editorial calendar and content strategy to lead a buyer through the decision process
  • Conversion strategy that applies real sales and business goals to the marketing function


  • Marketing strategy aligned with sales process
  • Better quality lead management to lower the cost of sales
  • Make marketing more effective
  • Achieve digital transformation of the marketing function and meet buyers on their terms

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