The Scary Truth about Social Media

Many CEOs and business owners are questioning the business value of a social media strategy for their business. There is much doubt, questioning and fear. And for good reason.
Social media as part of a marketing plan or business strategy is tricky. It’s about sharing not schilling. It’s about listening. It’s about engagement.
This is why people and companies are scared. It requires changing the way you look at sales and marketing, changing your behavior and ultimately the way you sell, service and engage with your customers.
For many CEOs, this is scary stuff, mostly because it requires you to ……

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be honest
  3. Be accommodating
  4. Commit whole hog
  5. Trust people

Gary Vaynerchuk, in his new book The Thank You Economy has summed it up perfectly when he says, “engagement is a tall order and a lot of work but there is no more risk in allocating resources to perfecting a social media strategy than there is in screaming “Buy My Stuff” on television, radio, print” or any other type of traditional marketing for that matter. Any company big or small, B2C or B2B, cool or conventional can use social media to build relationships. He goes on to explain, “there are only two possible reasons if you have experimented with social media and it didn’t work: your product or service isn’t any good or you’re doing it wrong!”
Social Media = Business.
Here’s the scary part:

  1. It’s hard work.
  2. It requires commitment and consistency.
  3. You have to have something worth sharing.
  4. You have to be able to listen.
  5. You have to get past thinking you can control it.

Social media is about trust

social media is about trust

But the scariest part for most business owners is that, a social media culture needs to start at the top and you need to trust: Trust your own communications skills; trust you can communicate with customers in a sharing fashion, follow up and engage them; and, trust your employees to follow your lead.
Social media has dawned a new era in business. It is frightening to consider that it took television 40 years to amass 40 million viewers. It took Facebook four years to amass 500 million followers. Scary? Yes. A business opportunity? You bet. I am betting that once you get past the fear factor, the medium surpasses anything you currently have in your sales, marketing and customer service arsenal. You just have to be willing to trust.

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