What do readers want from your copy?

When your readers read a blog post, press release, copy on your website or an email, they are looking for certain things in HOW you deliver your content.

We dug around to find some data on this topic and uncovered research by MarketingSherpa. Below is a set of stats by issue and demographic.
Less than 10% of participants across all demographics value spelling and grammar with the hands-down winner being CLARITY.

  1. Clarity
  2. Being able to reply and interact with content/the company
  3. Brevity
  4. Great design
  5. Good spelling and grammar

So what best practices do we take away from the data?

  1. Clarity trumps persuasion. Try to avoid “selling” someone something or convincing them of why your product or service is great. This is why a Buyer Map is so important so you can create content that helps the target customer do something better in their everyday life.
  2. Make sure to follow best practices for setting up your blog on WordPress. Place social media icons at the top of the page so it is easy for a reader to share something on their personal account (not yours) and the comments box clearly laid out at the end of the post.
  3. It’s important to test all kinds of copy regularly, but the 500 word blog post works best and the first 50 words of the post are most important in getting people to pay attention in email, social media and headlines where blog titles are used.
  4. Clean is best when sending an email to promote a blog. Try to minimize graphics and links so that emails get delivered more easily.
  5. Good spelling and grammar seem obvious but this is why content marketing of any kind takes time. Try not to rush getting out posts so that several sets of eyes can proof something. Plan content in advance.

Bottom Line

Instead of 1,500 perfectly edited words about your product or service, 500 clear and concise words about how someone can do something well or differently in their business is likely going to perform better.
If you are getting people in your company to participate in your content marketing plan, please share this chart. It helps people orient themselves to what readers really want from our content.
Hope this helps.

Marketing CoPilot