Women Talk Tech Episode 48: Tech and COVID-19

Dr.Stefanie Chiras 14


In this week’s Women Talk Tech episode our guest is Dr. Lissy Hu, the CEO and founder of CarePort Health. We are going to talk about COVID-19 and how it has impacted entrepreneurs in tech when managing their businesses.

CarePort Health is a software company which matches patients in need of post-acute care to post-acute care organizations. Today her company connects 1000 hospitals with 180 000 post acute providers.


“I think the promise of technology is that you can have an impact at large scale,” Lissy said.


She talks to us about her journey to starting the CarePort Health. Although Lissy didn’t grow up with the idea of wanting to be an entrepreneur, working in hospitals made her realize the need for connecting post hospital care for seniors, with hospitals.

What began as a summer project, ultimately won the Harvard business plan competition, providing Lissy with the funding to officially launch CarePort Health.

“One of the things I never would’ve anticipated when I started this journey, is how rewarding it is to build software, get it in to the hands of customers, see it have a direct impact.”


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