Women Talk Tech Episode 5: How to Support Women in Tech

Strategies to get more women into the tech sector

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On this week’s Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Elena Baeva, Founder and CEO of 365 Talent Portal, a career hub for Microsoft Dynamics professionals. Elena spent 22 years in the enterprise technology industry working for global software vendors of which 9 years were working directly for Microsoft. Elena is also a Board Member of The Women in Technology Network (WIT) in the UK and the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) in EMEA.

This episode addresses the state of the technology sector on a global scale in terms of women and diversity. Elena and Marie discuss specific strategies for how the Microsoft community and the community at large can start fostering more women in the technology industry. Here are three ways you can help your organization attract more women:

1. Recruitment techniques

  • Create proactive campaigns with Universities/Colleges
  • Create apprentices/internships
  • Create specific programs for mothers returning to work
  • Showcase successful hires
  • Demonstrate diversity and open culture
  • Offer flexibility

2. On-board with learning

  • Peer to peer learning
  • Online learning – Access the DynamicsLearningPortal
  • Proctored exams
  • Microsoft courses are available

3. Nurture and mentor leadership

  • Mentorship – Find people close to their age
  • Sponsorship – Get management involved
  • Access to resources – Find WIT Network and reach out

For a better understanding of gender parity on a global scale, download the Global Gender Gap Report from 2018.

About Elena Baeva

Elena WTT PodcastElena spent 22 years in the enterprise technology industry working for global software vendors of which 9 years were working directly for Microsoft. She lived and worked in many countries around the world which helped her enormously with appreciating different cultures and building local connections. Elena is currently based in the UK but her work spreads across 134 countries.
Throughout her time at Microsoft, many of her contacts wanted to hire IT consultants and it became apparent that there was no easy and cost-effective way of finding them. Elena and her team set up 365 Talent Portal and help hundreds of companies who need Dynamics 365 professionals or training.
The company attracts professionals by offering free access to online Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and resources which helps the consultants keep their skills and certifications up to date. The team runs many initiatives to attract new talent to pursue a Microsoft Dynamics 365 career. As a result, Microsoft Partners & End Users can access thousands of vetted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants on the portal and hire them, while cutting their typical recruitment fees in half due to the subscription plan pricing model.

Connect with Elena on LinkedIn here and here. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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